Saturday, February 11, 2012

Aborted - Global Flatline (2012)

I'm actually quite surprised that nobody posted this, as this is one of the most famous grindcore bands today and we've been waiting for this release far too long.

The latest release was a big step to the past and whoever gave up on them after Overture and Strychnine should most definitely give this one a go. One thing I noticed is that the guys probably digged the new Benighted album a lot, as they themselves too incorporated a lot of bass drops into their songs. And, guess what, it sounds great. Sven also nailed it, but that's nothing strange 'cause let's face it - Sven de Caluw√© is the bomb!

The one down side with it are the bonus songs. Specifically, them touching Eructations Of Carnal Artistry and Nailed Through Her Cunt. Remastering Engineering The Dead in any way is a sacrilege and they should have known that.