Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uncreation - Burning Blood (2011)

Uncreation, like Night In Gales, hails from Germany though they play quite a different style of Melodic Death Metal. When I listened to the intro the first time, I was almost expecting another thrash/death thingy. Then this melodic track kicks off, almost reminiscent of folk inspired melodeath. Yet the sound is more heavy and brutal if you will, memorable and very much up my sleeve.

The vocals are great, with exclusively harsh growls that fit together with the other parts splendidly. The guitars do much of the work of course, with the right kind of melodeath-style riffing teaming up with exciting and varied drumming. The guitar solos are really good at times, and there are some ambient piano/synth fills that are used sparingly to great effect. From start to finish, this album is held together with the same recipe, tempo and framework, and it feels thought through. The production is top notch, and as a whole this album is a very solid piece of work. Check it out!