Sunday, November 20, 2011

Demisery - Hive of Mutation (2011)

Ok, so after the melodic albums we need something more brutal for dessert. Thus we top it off with Demisery, a death metal act coming from the US. Hive of Mutation is a great true-to-its-genre death metal album performed by just 2 dudes.

From the start it is high octane brutality, with chugging melodic classic death metal riffs and blasting drums. While not really "old school", it is definitely paying homage to some of the older ways of doing straight up death. No core shit here, just strong riff after riff in 3-4 minute tracks. No clean singing, no synths, no wanking, no faggotry, just superb death done the way it should be done. The solos are great throughout, and they are short enough and connected with the songs to keep the album flowing. The production is perfect, with the instruments distinguishable yet it doesn't have the modern 'plastic' feel to it, there is a slight roughness that completes the whole experience.
I really really like this album so far, and I have a feeling that it will continue to grow on me. Fantastic death metal!