Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Solerrain - Fighting the Illusions (Eng) (2011)

Solerrain is a Melodic Death Metal band from Russia. I listened to this album a few months ago in its Russian version, and I remember enjoying the music, but I ofttimes reject an album when the lyrics are non-english. I had even forgot how much I liked this at first.
This style of Melodeath is nothing new but it is performed very well. You'll recognize the Russian style, one that I like very much, and they're not afraid of punching those keys. Elzevir and Deviant Syndrome are personal favorites, and Solerrain has potential to join that group of great Russian melo death.

Fighting the Illusions has no clean vocals, the tempo is fast from start to finish and the drums just keep on blasting. Maybe it's me, but I really like the way some Russian melodeath acts write their songs. You have a strong signature melody/riff that makes an imprint, alternating never-resting drums, some nicety secondary guitarfills that enhances the riffs/melodies, and a lot of solos from both guitars and keyboards. Good formula if you ask me!
If you like melodic death metal, you've gotta give this a try. Maybe you don't like synths, but this isn't any CoB ripoff and the keys aren't used in a Dark Failquility way so give it a listen or two!