Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brought By Pain - The Dreamer's Will (2011)

Sorry about the lack of uploads, I've been drenched in exams and projects lately. I'll be done soon, and then I have some stuff that I want to share.
However, I just couldn't wait with this album. A lot of stale, plastic and boring Tech Death have been surfacing lately. Then I heard these Canadian guys...

Brought By Pain hail from Quebec, Canada and thus they play some epic fucking Progressive Technical Death Metal. I've been in the need for some good Tech Death for some time, but I've mostly been really disappointed. Not this time. Brought By Pain play their tech death with thought, feel and it sounds intriguing and refreshing from the first listen. You have the inspiring riffage and jizz-solos, brootal vocals, superb varied drumming and actually some sweet, audible bass. To me, this is a very strong debut where it's just great to awesome throughout the whole LP. Ty once again Canada!

P.s They have a track titled "The Immaturity of Verity". WTF :D D.s