Friday, October 28, 2011

Frozen Infinity - Fragments of I (2009)

Haven't posted anything in a while because I've been busy with school and work, and frankly I haven't found anything new worthwhile. So as a goodbye-gift for Tid, I'll post some good Melodeath that really gets to you after a while.

Frozen Infinity is a German melodic death metal band that has some great stuff going for them. The guitar tone and the melodic riffs are very addictive, there are none to very little clean vocals (there are some female ones in Suicidal Seraphim, great song) with some raspy and guttural growls mixed together that I feel are strongly connected with the lyrics, I like them a lot. The drums does the job, though they are a bit laid back to let the vocals and guitars drive the music. Mixing and production is great.

Frozen Infinity's greatest trait isn't in their technicality or originality, the riffs are easy on the palate and the album is quite slow to get going. Once you get to Neverending Story though, you are hooked. I have listened to that song a million times, it doesn't get old. I think that's what made me finally post this album, because it is just really solid and the feeling that this album is trying to project on to you is unmistakable. I guess if you don't listen so much to the lyrics, some of that might be lost on you.
I have been listening to this album for over a year now, and a lot. So I hope more people will appreciate this. If you liked Tid's Melodeath like Dreamshade and such, you will like this too.