Sunday, October 30, 2011

Molotov Solution - Insurrection (2011)


Molotov Solution plays solid, straight up deathcore with a lot of groove-y influences. Their style has changed quite a bit of the years (most notably, the vocals have gotten a lot better), but this album still has a lot of deathcore staples – blastbeats, fast drums, and chugga-chugga guitars. Coming from someone who’s very picky with deathcore, I still think this album is pretty top-notch just because of how groovy it is. Another plus – the vocals on this album are almost entirely hardcore deathgrowls, with little screeching/screaming. Most of the lyrics are heavily politically themed if you’re into that sort of thing. Check it out even if you don’t generally listen to deathcore.

P.S. I promise this is the only deathcore album I’ll post. I’ve got more death/black/sludge metal coming up soon.

Quality: 320 kbps
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