Thursday, July 14, 2011

Windir Discography (1994 - 2004)

Windir (meaning primal warrior in English) is a Norwegian black folk metal band that was formed in Sogndal, Norway by Terje "Valfar" Bakken. The band combined black metal with folk music and incorporated lyrical themes from history, vikings, war and mythology. The band formed in 1994 and has released 4 albums over there 10 year existence as well as 2 demos, 1 compilation and a live DVD. Over the years, Windir became known for melodies strengthened by there iconic black metal riffs.
There first album, Sóknardalr was a great example of folkloric black metal. The growls and cleans vocals are easily one of this bands easier higher achievements as well as the guitar work. The keyboards and other instrumentals that are present are mostly there just to give an extra dimension to the guitars. The subsequent album Arntor would see further musical progression as the atmosphere would grow to become full of life. Arntor transported you to a snowy landscape in Norway and had a very unique bombastic feel. There next album, 1184 would again be more successful than the last. This is my favourite work of Windir and is a musical experience that to this day has been unmatched. There follow up would end up being there last album, Likferd. The mood and atmosphere of the album is dark and sorrowful like there prior releases. The use of synths and guitar melodies here is top notch as well.
This band is especially interesting because they create a folk atmosphere without traditional folk instrumentals. The good lyrics, atmospheric production and the emotion, makes this band a pinnacle of the black folk metal scene. Unfortunately, Windir disbanded due to the death of its founding member Valfar.

Album Quality:

Sóknardalr (1997) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Arntor (1999) - V0 MP3 / VBR
1184 (2001) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Likferd (2003) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Valfar, Ein Windir (Compilation) (2004) - V0 MP3 / VBR
SognaMetal (DVD) (2005) - V2 MP3 / VBR (scenerip)

  • Valfar, Ein Windir (Compilation album to pay tribute to deceased founding member Valfar. Also includes a few covers, most notably by Finntroll and Enslaved): MirrorCreator