Thursday, July 14, 2011

Storm - Nordavind (1995)

Storm is a black folk metal band that was formed in 1993 by Herr "Fenriz" Nagell (drums and lyricist) of Darkthrone and Satyr Wongraven (guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and backing vocals) of Satyricon. They would later add Kari Ruesl├ątten of The 3rd and the mortal as lead vocalist and would then release there first and only album Nordavind. They play metallized versions of traditional Norwegian folk songs with a dark black metal backdrop. The trio plays well off each other and creates a very organic sound as all the instrumentals really set the tone. Kari manages to give it an authentic folk sound which shines through the music. Though quite old this helped form the very ideology of folk metal and is a great listen. As a treat I've included the Bootleg (was dubbed as an EP, though was released unofficially) Northland.
  • Quality: 320 MP3 / CBR