Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last Days of Humanity - Putrefaction In Progress (2006)

This is some of the most extreme shit I've ever heard that still involves instruments in the usual sense, and I've heard lots of crazy stuff. Seriously, this probably epitomizes "brutal". Noisy goregrind with horribly over-distorted guitars, mesmerizing, near constant blastbeats with that distinctly "grind" snare sound, pitchshifted sewer vocals, ridiculously gory songtitles, it's got everything to turn the average listener off. The whole thing's so absurdly over the top it's amazing, but that's part of the appeal. Seeing them at Obscene Extreme while stoned after a massive bucket-bongsession, leaning on the stage as I drink my beer and the setting sun shines on us, the crowd and the band, and basking in the glorious gore-induced aural carnage was one of the most rock'n'roll moments in my life. This is beautiful.