Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Dragon - The Burl, The Earth, The Aether (2010)

Cosmo posted these dudes today on invisibleoranges and I just had to share.

"Ice Dragon immediately hooks you in with a mix of modern Doom Metal and 70's epic Heavy Metal/Space Rock sounds and ideas while not over-doing any of those musical angles. You also get your required fix of Sabbath inspired sludgy riffs along with some bluesy early 70's axework along with modern Stoner Doom riffing you would expect from Electric Wizard and Sleep. Its a combination that can't lose and this is pretty close to a perfect album"

"sweet black jesus" - BRITISH

"it's fucking awesome." - denny

Ice Dragon's newest album (out last month) is streamable from their bandcamp as well and I'll bump this post or put up a new one once I get my hands on a copy.