Friday, July 22, 2011

Kälter - Spiritual Angel (2010)

Kälter is a Melodic Death Metal band from Quebec, Canada. Their debut is a concept album with folk inspired melodies and lyrics. The songwriting and delivery is very melodeath with harsh vocals apart from the guest appearance by a female vocalist (from Unexpect) on the second track, Time Out of Mind. The production is perfect throughout, you get a mixed dose of drums with audible percussions, guitars and keys. As often is the case, the bass is left a bit in the shade though.

What sets Kälter's debut aside from other albums is the great songwriting with their long, 6+ minute songs that does not get boring and are quite diverse. Also, their melodies and riffs are great in different ways. For instance, the title track Spiritual Angel has a hypnotic, beautiful melody driving the song. My favorite track, Of Tears and Blood, is more of a mix between keys and guitars. Apart from great solos, it utilizes an exquisite piano melody as a bridge (4:23) accompanied by simple guitar rather than soloing. This song made me fall in love with this band because it showcases their songwriting, musicianship and that they won't over-abuse riffs or licks in their lengthy songs. I can't wait to hear more from these guys.

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