Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kalevala - Dream River (Single)

Kalevala (Калевала) is of my favourite Russian folk metal bands because they deliver a nonsensical experience that doesn't come off as pretentious or too serious. The music has a great deal of fun that comes with it and throughout the years I have admittedly had a lot of Kalevalas' choruses stuck in my head. The first song on this single has a great flow to it and they get it all started with a really sweet melody. The vocals with this band are for me always dependent on the instrumentals around her and more often that not they do a good job of complimenting her style. The second song whilst not as strong is decent though it does lack a surrounding atmosphere and think it never really gets going, tempo wise. That said I'm excited for the full album as there third (Vedma) didn't quite live up to the first (Kudel Belosnezhnogo Lna) or second (Kuckushkiny Deti). A very decent 8/10 single.

  • Quality: 320 kbps MP3 / CBR