Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Owl - Owl (2011)

Whoa. Another surprise in the death metal scene. Found this one purely by surfing the web and it blew me away.

So, basically, it was done by this fucker Christian Kolf who apparently has a habit of transforming standardized genres into fucked up atmospheric masterpieces. It's like his sole purpose is to write music that will engulf and throw the listener into new and unexplored realms. Naturally, this one is no different.

So, what this is in essence, is one hell of a death metal release. Slightly interweaved with doom metal, but without its slow pace. Constantly overlapping dissonant and regular DM riffs, accompanied by both slamming and slower groove-esque drums. After all of that and much more, the end product is dark and gloomy, with a killer atmosphere and an Incantation-like feel to it, lasting over an hour in just five songs.

It's all a bit complex and I'm really having a hard time coming up with senseful sentences, so I'll just leave it at that. Plus, my assurance that this is truly a devastating release. Also, have in mind that the fifth track is literary half an hour long and that it will probably make you yawn. Other that that, everything is said.