Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Born Of Osiris - The Discovery(2011)

The discovery is astonishing, literally, cos I had never listened to BOO before.
The album is highly guitar oriented with 7 string djent chugs, melodic and progressive licks all so intrinsically layered that you have to be a guitarist to truly appreciate the technical expertise.
The keys complement the guitars very well with eerie melodies that doesn't overkill the songs at all. You would expect this brilliance from a Scandinavian Group, but I was surprised as hell to find that these guys are from Illinois.
The songs also have a lot of electronic instrumentation adding to the unique sound of the album.
As with the vocals, the album spans with trademark deathcore shrieks but there are also growls and clean sections(some of them totally out-of-place).
How could I not mention the highlight of the album? SOLOs! Phenomenal lead sections so beautifully entwined within the songs, no wonder Tosin Abasi played with these guys. On the downside, the album seemed too long for me (53 mins!!).
To conclude, this discovery has crept in to my playlist with Omnivium this year.

Quality: 240kbps

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