Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obscura - Omnivium(2011)

Cosmogenesis is one of my all time favorite albums. When i heard about Obscura's latest, I couldn't wait to bury myself in it. So has it lived up to all its hype?
Omnivium is truly mind blowing. It sounds like the continuation of Cosmogenesis but with comparatively lesser technical riffs and more experimentation. The riff transitions are fluid,and there is also a bass solo.
Frankly i would listen to this album even if it only had a single instrument being played. Everyone in Obscura is a virtuoso. The guitarists(Christian "HAIL" Muenzner ex-Necrophagist and Steffen) are so versatile and they seem to be battling to outdo each other. The bass sounds totally out of the world with impressive jazzy licks and need I mention Hannes'(ex-Necrophagist) blast beats?
You can immediately notice influences from Opeth, Cynic, Death and of course Gorguts.
Absolutely eargasmic. Easily the album of the year.