Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Acid Bath (2 albums)

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When The Kite String Pops (1994)
Quality: ~218 kbps MP3 / VBR V2

Paegan Terrorism Tactics (1996)
Quality: 320 kbps MP3 / CBR

Long-defunct Louisiana sludge band with only two, yet godlike albums. Their last.fm page has a pretty good description, so I'll just paste their bio from there.

Formed out of the swamps of Houma, Louisiana in 1991, Acid Bath released their first album, When The Kite String Pops, in 1994 on California-based Rotten Records. Their second and final album, Paegan Terrorism Tactics, followed in 1996.

The band broke up 1997 after the death of bassist Audie Pitre. It’s impossible to categorize Acid Bath under one genre, as they combined sludge, doom, stoner metal, blues, country, and even folk in their music. The variation in their music has reached far from the underground into many hardcore, death metal, and stoner rock bands. Sweeping across many sounds, Acid Bath put forth two albums of considerable influence, opening the door for heavy metal to be versatile and emotional without sacrificing creative character or the brute force of metal.

Frontman Dax Riggs is currently a solo artist, but was singer/guitarist for Agents of Oblivion, and later Deadboy & the Elephantmen. Guitarist Sammy Duet played in Crowbar and is now in Goatwhore.