Monday, March 21, 2011

Benighted - Asylum Cave (2011) [HQ CD-rip @ 320 kbps]

This was posted before but I removed it because it was buried beneath a dozen other posts, the comments were just flaming faggots dumping their daily dose of annoying shit and my upload has a higher bitrate anyway. I'm gonna set this so it stays on the front page and punch Tid in the face a few times for flooding the blog. I'm also locking the comments because I don't want you kids to act all butthurt when you could shut the fuck up and enjoy the music for once in your life.

Now on the the music. Benighted are unanimously lauded for being one of the best bands in existence by the loadown crew and you should check out the previous albums, which were posted here before. I've attempted to describe their style in these earlier posts. They draw influences from multifarious styles of extreme metal, perfected and rolled into a several megaton ball of awesome. Asylum Cave is pretty much the album of the year.

This rip has a few skips but this is a pre-release leak so it's no surprise. I'll upload my own rip once I get my hands on the CD.

Update: the CD arrived today, here's the rip I made. Enjoy.