Saturday, March 19, 2011

Necros Christos Discography

Necros Christos is a German based band who made their name by combining black and doom metal in a way that has rarely been seen or heard before. They were formed in 2001 and shortly after that released loads of demos, splits and DVDs. Their first full-length release finally saw daylight in early 2007 when it showed that this band is pure quality by providing amazing riffs, occasionally slower, yet crushing drums and wonderful song transitions. Four years later, the second one is out representing the perfect equal.

They explore the occult, death and deities in other religions and use that for their lyrical themes. Their tracklisting is divided into three groups: Temples, Gates and the regular fast songs. Those fast songs are a perfect blend of black, death and doom metal with some outrageously deep BM vocals, whereas Temples and Gates represent the melodic parts. Temples can be described as intro-like melodies usually played on the pipe organ, while Gates are more oriental and played on a variety of acoustic string instruments.

The only drawback, if you will, to the band is that their albums do not last less than sixty minutes, so it can be quite exhausting sometimes. However, if you give in to it, it'll treat you well. Give it a go.