Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Huata - Open The Gates Of Shambhala (2009)-- BAND SUBMISSION

So I apologize to the guy from ThroatRuiner records if this shouldn't be posted, but I swear either he or the band sent me this.
So while the 'fad' of stoner doom may be on it's way out now and being replaced by folk metal, again.. cuz lord knows the new Amon Amarth is coming out.. everyone on the bandwagon.. er-hem.. Huata play a wonderful blend of the infamous predecessors of the genre (Sleep, Church Of Misery, Electric Wizard) but add a lil more pep and I wanna say 'Motorhead' like extra groove emphasis. This is the kinda shit you'd ride your motorcycle (or big wheel) into the dessert night to, big bushy beard included.
Loud, deep, heavy and chock full of groove when not busy burying you alive in DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
What appeals to me the most about this band versus others of the liking is you don't get 'lost' in the atmosphere or drone of long tracks and everything fuzzes into each other. There is clear distinction between tracks or 'movement's within tracks. It's like a working mans Stoner Doom, you can file those papers and still wear your robe of grimness.

Quality: V0 (I'm pretty sure)
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Download: here // OR from their Band Camp // or this here mediafire
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