Thursday, February 24, 2011

Casu Marzu - Psychosomatic (2010) -- BAND SUBMISSION

We play progressive blackened death metal with an emphasis on rhythm and writing music that thematically compliments prewritten poetry.
Yeah, that's right.I should just leave the review at that, but I notice 'band submissions' don't get much feedback - y u so skared?
Bands name translates from a rotten sour cheese made in Sardinia, in case you cared.. but there's nothing rotten or sour about this band! Hohohoh. I can't say if the music themeatically supports said poetry for I have no lyrics available, but the music does create a 'mood' that while not downtrodden in torment, I'd say 'bleak an dim' is better.
The band pushes the fields of black metal and progressive elements to stay on the fringe of either to where I can't really 'say' they fully apply to either.. does that make sense?

Quality: VBR ~256 avg
Download: Band Camp // RS