Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shit Life - Splits & EPs -- BAND SUBMISSION

"weed influenced grind"... from Detroit! Detroit is on a comeback, didn't you see those superbowl commercials? Er..
This is a 'compilation' of the Shit Life half of splits and their EP. Very pissed two-man grind that ranges from indecipherable gutturals  to crusty, almost d-beat like punk ferocity, then back to rapid fire barking vocals of a Swedish twinge. There's a lot of mixture here, but this 'brick shit house' foundation is built on grind. Content ranges from abuse of the homeless, anti christian war cries to social commentary on the grind scene. Plus a few Phobia covers!
I will mention the production qualities here vary, while the 3 way split and EP are obviously from a CD - the split with LTxDAN comes from a tape and sounds as such - occasionally muffling out or sounding like total shit. But hey! Shit Life

Download: [download-link goes here]
* have seperate links for splits/eps .. an can mirror. yeah.