Saturday, December 4, 2010

Evocation - Apocalyptic (2010)

New album of Swedish death metal band.

A very pleasant surprise from Evocation who continue their march to metal-supremacy, introducing tiny differences to their sound just to keep fans on their toes.

This is their third release and after listening to it, it is crystal clear that these Swedish death metallers are well capable and on their way to claiming the Gothenburg banner.
The sound that they are producing is pretty much classic Evocation - classic death metal with a few grains of black metal. Throughout the whole album, you will feel satisfied with the amount of insane riffs, massive neck-breaking rhythm sequences, killer drums, amazing solos and those recognizable Tjompe vocals. But, what they did with this album was very clever, I have to admit.The songs have some subtle hymn-like structures now. Combining this with the production of the album and some
cleverly added vocal echoes produce something that hasn't been present in Evocation's music before.
In conclusion, Evocation shows no signs of slowing down or stepping aside for anyone. Creating this album, they have once again proven a name for themselves.
It truly is Apocalyptic.

written by denny, edited by your favorite guy.