Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cemetery Urn - The Conquered Are Burned (2010)

Damon Bloodstorm, anyone? Bestial Warlust? Abominator? Occult Kangaroo murders?

Alright, after Bestial Warlust's baby got eaten by a dingo, the band fell apart. Luckily, Cemetery Urn was created some five years ago and this is their second full-length album. Needless to say, it's outstanding.

It represents some pretty heavy duty death metal with just a bit of black added for flavour. You won't have to wait long to like this one, my bet would be four seconds into the first track.

Amazing riffs, as well as solos, killer drums, and really fucking sick vocals. The whole thing is just sheer brutality actually.

P.S. Loadown likes Australia, it's just that I'm a dick.
id_ agrees.