Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adam's Castle - ViCES -- BAND SUBMITTED

"I realize that while it's not as heavy hitting as most of the stuff on loadown, I'm more than happy to hear your thoughts. We've always had difficulty finding a "home" or a "label" for this music. That's part of the beauty, and curse, of not branding something any particular way. Adam's Castle is not for everybody, and you either love it or hate it. It's quite polarizing. But, if it evokes a response we're happy. We are artists but we have to let our audiences decided what to think. All we can hope for is that they think for themselves.
That said, I'd love to hear a review.

You can mention that Adam's Castle has regular drinking contests with the guys in Black Anvil if you wanna put a "heavy" tinge on your writeup. It's funny cause it's true."
Three guys playing 'experimental' instrumental music for the sake of wanting to play music. The above quote is from the email from a band member when I explained that you guys are jerks and may not 'take well' to this. Their sound is reminiscent of many bands - which makes their appeal that much greater. Best guess I can compare to right now are: Jaga Jazzist, Zu an a twinge of Mars Volta. While there are no vocals or brass instruments the band makes such a vibrant wall of sound it can easily stand on it's own. Layering effect & loop atop pyschadelic-esque rock-jam-hockeypuck-goodtimesrolling-free style fun they keep the beat up and a moving.
Hurrrrrrrr godawful description!
It's a complete change of pace from the norm here. But I imagine if you guys turned on some lights in the basement cave and took a few deep breaths - you'll all find this bands sound and appreciation for music quite good.

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