Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forgotten Tomb Albums

Forgotten Tomb is an Italian blackened doom metal band, formed in Piacenza in 1999. The band's music has been compared to early Katatonia, Burzum and Dolorian's 1999 debut album When All the Laughter Has Gone. The lyrical themes revolve around depression and suicide. The band's founder, guitarist and vocalist Herr Morbid (Ferdinando Marchisio), describes himself as a "completely depressed, paranoid and suicide-fixated person".
Forgotten Tomb's debut recording, Obscura Arcana Mortis, was recorded by Herr Morbid as a solo undertaking in 1999. It was released the following year in CD format through Treblinka Productions and limited to 215 pieces. The band's first full-length album, Songs to Leave, was released in 2002 through Selbstmord Services. After several line-up changes, the album was followed by Springtime Depression in 2003 and Love's Burial Ground in 2004. Both albums were released through Adipocere Records. In 2006, Forgotten Tomb signed with Avantgarde Music and recorded its fourth full-length, Negative Megalomania. The album was released in January 2007.

Obscura Arcana Mortis (2000)

Songs To Leave (2002)

Springtime Depression (2003)

Love's Burial Ground (2004)

Negative Megalomania (2007)