Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dungortheb - Waiting for Silence (2008)

Dungortheb is a French band that was completely unknown to me until about a week ago. The name is actually from a valley in JRR Tolkiens legendary world but do not be mistaken, it's in no shape or form any fantasy/power/viking/folk metal!
These dudes play technical death metal with some thrashy and melodic influences. The riffs are shreddy and melodic and most of the songs shift in tempo quite often, going into a sweet melodic aggressive rampage that really lifts the songs and gives them an angry touch. The whole production is great with none of this modern plastic-sounding production that seem to infest this beautiful genre, all the instruments are audible and actually sound real and allow me to add, awesome.
Terrific album on all levels, I for one can't wait for more.