Sunday, October 17, 2010

ColdWorld - Melancholie (2009)

Titles like "Tortured by Solitude", "Hymn to Eternal Frost" and "My Dead Bride" suggest that this album, the first for German act ColdWorld, should be a pretty dreary and sombre affair with hints of deeply buried anger and frustration, like many other recordings blessed (or maybe cursed) with the "depressive black metal" label. First track "Dream of a Dead Sun' adheres quite closely to the broad template of depressive BM: at once solemn and melancholy yet brimming with hostility and potential malice thanks to a strong noisy barrage of BM guitars, efficient no-nonsense percussion and grim croaking BM vocals from ColdWorld man GB who handles just about everything here. There are hints though in the background voices and light synthesiser touches to demonstrate that ColdWorld is not merely any old depressive BM act and that GB has more, much more, to offer to this music.
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