Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Norrin Radd - Anomaly

Bonus points for you if you know whom 'Norrin Radd' is.
NORRIN_RADD is a one man 'band' (he calls himself just a guy), that plays death metal from the NES/chiptune aspect. I'm sure I lost most of you already - BUT WAIT! AS opposed to 'chip' instrumentals covers of DM songs, Norrin Radd is making his OWN music within the strict limitations of the NES 'system".
That means all instruments are chip created as are the vocals (GASP!). If your savvy bout the vidya you know that short shitty sounding 'vocals' were placed in certain NES games as psuedo drum tracks.
So there ya go, get on that.

Plus he lurked the IRC channel a while ago and I've been meaning to post this. Hopefully he's still cool with it.

Quality: 320c ( i think)
Download: Hi