Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Abhorred Despiser - Was Raped (2003) 2008 Issue

This stuff reminds me of such releases as the first two Brodequin full lengths, the demo stuff from off of Cranial Impalement by Disgorge, Bloody Gore’s Stench of Your Perversions EP, and maybe some Colombian stuff like Internal Suffering, combined with the undubitably brutal yet nonetheless entertaining and uplifting sound of Deaden favourite Hymns of the Sick, the spectacularly daft Infesting the Exhumed by Lust of Decay, some stuff by Goratory, I can’t remember which, along with the frequently amusing, often lovably lunk-headed escapades heard on the releases of Waco Jesus, and Lividity’s discographical peak The Age of Clitoral Decay. The artwork and presentation is a fairly typical affair: fresh cadaver, glinting steel, bright-red blood. However, it seems to be a male corpse, which alongside the title of the record, suggests that it’s a male rape victim, which makes a change for a brutal death metal title concept, especially by a band with many musical similarities to acts whose themes are often based solely upon unabashedly misogynistic fun for all the family. No lyrics inside though, so it’s likely that I’ve wandered off down a blind alley here. So this is standard rattly, slamly, clatterly brutal death, with the playful tongue-in-cheek type content to catch your attention for a while, but probably not long enough to make repeated listens much of a pressing concern. On their MySpace page, they’ve already summarized their work far better than a cack-spouting reviewer like me ever could: “All groovy heavy killer tunes full of distortion shout...”! Find this, and you’ll have twenty minutes of just that!