Thursday, September 16, 2010

Putrid Pile - High-Quality Discography (Re-Post)

Collection Of Butchery (2003)
Putrid Piles “Collection of Butchery” Is simply 12 tracks of extreme Brutality! The song construction is great down to the very last song and all the instrument are skillfully played and can all be heard perfectly well! Also Collection Of Butchery has an original sound, even thew it takes after a few bands it cant be labeled as similar to any of them, There sound is some-what original witch is a nice change. Surprisingly Putrid Pile is a one-man band and even thew they use a drum machine, which normally I find, on a cd of this genre is a bit of a let down…thew in this particular cd it sounds great! The overall sound production on the cd is top class with a very crisp and clear yet it also has a sick sound to it. Finally a sick ass Digi-art cover of some women cut to peaces by a guy, adds to the over all sick image of the release. The cd also comes with lyrics witch are often forgot on Death/grind releases! In my opinion this is surely one of United Gutturals better releases! This is a must by for anyone interested in sick Death/grind!!

The Pleasure In Suffering (2005)
I would be unfair to say that Putrid Pile's second full-length, 'The Pleasure In Suffering', is exactly the same album as their first. Since I'm feeling charitable, I'll say that it is ESSENTIALLY the same as their first. Never since Bolt Thrower have I heard a more infinitesimal change in style or quality from a death metal band, setting Putrid Pile somewhere in the realm of Cannibal Corpse as far as consistency goes. Aside from the production having gotten louder/clearer/'wider'/more distorted, quite literally nothing has changed at all between the two releases. 'The Pleasure In Suffering', like 'Collection Of Butchery', is the sound of Putrid Pile: fast, gory brutal death metal which employs a blasty more than filly drum machine and lots of tremolo riffs and big held chords, as well as low gurgly vocals and high shrieky vocals. It all sounds very eeeeevil and Death Metal with capital letters. It's very brutal because it's very fast, has extremely thick and bassy production, and is intentionally abrasive in essentially every regard. This is probably what non-metal people think of when they hear the words 'death metal'. It really is just 'Collection Of Butchery' part two. It even has the same number of tracks and a running time that differs by just over half a minute. Really though, did we expect anything more than that? Your enjoyment of this album is directly proportional to your enjoyment of the last one. I don't know about you, but I'm still starvin' for them baby brains.

House Of Dementia (2009)
The production is adequate, mainly highlighting the guitar. The drums clearly sound like a programmed drum machine, so that acoustic, organic sound is lost in favor of a triggered sound, but each drum is easily distinguished from the other (unlike, say, Brain Drill's "Apocalyptic Feasting") so complain I cannot. As stated before, the bass doesn't show up once, which is a gripe of mine that I have with this album. So, why does this album get an 85 from me if the drums sound clicky, the vocals are only average, and there's no bass to be heard? Because the songs flow so nicely into another, and the overall sound is just enjoyable and fun. Shaun LaCanne, along with Shawn Whitaker (Insidious Decrepancy, Viral Load), is the best one man band in the world, and he executes his vision so well that, despite the slight lack of originality, the music turns out great. If you like brutal death metal, check this out.

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