Thursday, May 13, 2010

Misery Index - Heirs To Thievery (2010)

The heavy, overwhelming riffing, the amazing drums, the ranting vocals, everything Misery Index stands for criticises and ridicules all the political flaws and the unjust that is so apparent in modern day life. Again it is the false pride of the United States that gets the full load. The embarrassing patriotism, the ridiculous culture where people live in, without the slightest resistance, accepting everything and acting like a herd of sheep, without even thinking properly, in a land, taken by murder and thievery. How is this done? Simply said, amazing. Not a single moment when 'Heirs To Thievery' loses it's intensity. Just like the predecessor 'Traitors', this album will drop like a bomb. Amazing record!
  • Genre: Death/Grind Metal
  • Quality: mp3@CBR320 kbps (CD-Rip, Lame 3.93)
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