Friday, May 14, 2010

Brain Drill - Quantum Catastrophe (2010)

Brain Drill have definitely stepped it up a notch from their last release Apocalyptic Feasting. "Quantum Catastrophe" is everything you could ask for in a death metal cd. The assault is delivered to the greatest extent captivating your attention from start to end. Steve Rathjen's growls may be on par with some of the greats but when he sends out them blistering screams you almost want to take a step back because they are that powerful and you are left wondering what just hit you. The colossal riffs and sheer technicality set this cd on a whole other level when it comes to your basic asthetics of death metal. The dexterity that the drummer posesess is unbelivable and he is spot on never missing a beat adding to the intensity of the whole product. At one point I started to think that the cd was too short (because when it's this good you don't want it to stop!) and then I get slapped with a 16 minute tune that is stacked with energy until the 11 minute mark and then slows down and brings you into a more whimsical place. It is hands down one of my favorite tracks on the cd along with Beyond Bludgeoned and Awaiting Imminent Destruction. The cd was mastered and produced by Zach Ohren (Immolation, Decrepit Birth, Suffocation, All Shall Perish) at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA. I have to give the production a 10 because the quality is just that good and the sound is nothing short of majestic. The guys had their previous artist Par Olofsson come back to create a piece for "Quantum Catastrophe". So if you think that the cover art on this is intense, and you don't mind judging a cd by it's cover then be sure to pick this one up.