Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Abaddon Incarnate - Cascade (2009)

Its 2009, Irelands Premier Death/Grind Metal band ABADDON INCARNATE have released their 4th Album "Cascade" through Metal Age Productions. Throughout their 15 year career they have been consistent in producing top quality releases to great reviews in Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance etc and are renowned for the brutality of their live onslaught. Somewhat akin to the aural equivalent of being bashed around the head with a 200 year old tombstone while operating a pneumatic drill. "Cascade" utilizes grinding blastbeats and a typical old school Swedish guitar sound learned from the bands previous experience in Sweden, recording under the late great Grind God Mieszko Talarczyk. Abaddon Incarnate have taken these skills back to their home town Dublin, Ireland and produced this slab of granite in Trackmix studios. This 16 track masterstroke of Death/Grind esoteric madness punches holes through your hopes, dreams and aspirations, creating a nightmare of Crushing Darkened Death Metal. The only modern Death/Grind band with the message of bands of the early nineties, the lyrics are of the Esoteric, the Occult, the Satanic, the Anti-Christian and the Sinister. No Politics, Porn or Gore on this release. The name "Cascade", a metaphor for "The Eternal Fall" was chosen to represent the breakdown of order of the material and the immaterial, cascading into The Abyss where all things emerge out of chaos to be re-made. The cycle will start again: A New Aeon. Sung by something caught between this world and the next, it is standing in Shadow, watching the Cascade, singing to the Dark Gods, waiting patiently for its Oblivion. Always striving for uncompromising brutality with a darkened edge, ABADDON INCARNATE are unique in the world's Deathgrind scene. This is their most accomplished and focused album to date. The world's only Deathgrind Esoterrorists. Buy this release "Cascade" on Metal Age Productions.
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