Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sigh - In Somniphobia (2012)

"The real joy in listening to In Somniphobia is the anticipation - what fresh auditory calamity will befall our ears next? Will “Ending Theme: Continuum” flirt with the kind of beats that so enriched Blut Aus Nord’s The Desanctification? Will “Fall to the Thrall” reprise some of the thrashing madness of Hangman’s Hymn? Will the three-part closer “Equale” see Mirai shouting “Kill me now!” over and over again while supported by jaunty keyboard and guitar licks, and will the coda get more than a little bit churchy, with organ, horns, and choral overtones? Well, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, of course. I don’t know whether this music will prove to be the soundtrack to your most beautiful flights of daydreaming fancy or most terrible panics of inescapable nightmare, but I do know that this is music by which it is impossible to remain unmoved. In Somniphobia is a vast cornucopia of peculiarity, a rich tapestry of things going slightly wrong, and it makes for a captivating and unforgettable listen. " - Dan Obstkrieg

My take? This album fucking sucks. Worst album of the year. Fucking terrible.
id_ concurs that it is an.. "departure" from early sigh, an maybe a 'tad' beyond their later outputs. Fine, we all know Sigh does whatever the fuck they want on each album and it gets weirder - but this really goes out there. Saxophones, yo.