Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meshuggah - Koloss (2012)

New Meshuggah! No time for a review now, I'll just paste what was said in the IRC channel previously today, you'll get the idea.
[13:17] <+Gublet> I like this
[13:17] <+Gublet> Around half way through
[13:17] <+Gublet> Never really listened to Meshuggah before though
[13:18] * Gublet braces for impact
[13:23] <~Wormpaste> demiurge is a pretty cool song
[13:24] <~Wormpaste> the rest is forgettable
[13:24] <+Gublet> I'm taking it in as a whole experience
[13:26] <~Wormpaste> I don't like Meshuggah's more recent style
[13:26] <~Wormpaste> stuff after Chaosphere is just too static, all the emphasis is on immersion and polyrhythms
[13:27] <~Wormpaste> and most of the riffs and notes all around sound very bland to me
[13:28] <~Wormpaste> if you're done with the album, try listening to I am Colossus and then New Millennium Cyanide Christ or Inside What's Within Behind or Future Breed Machine
[13:28] <~Wormpaste> the older stuff rips you apart while the new stuff is just chug-chugg chug chugg-chugg chugg monotonous garbage for the most part
There, I don't really like it. But hey, some of you might.