Sunday, January 8, 2012

Admiral Angry - Buster (2008)

Sorry dudes, some crazy shit's been going on with me lately and I didn't really have the time nor motivation to post here. But I'm here now, with one of my favorite albums.

Bottom-heavy, downtuned, experimental sludge somewhat akin to Black Sheep Wall. In fact, they're on the same label: shelsmusic, which is home to several more great bands. The atmosphere of Buster is eerie but dynamic, ranging from monotone droning parts to stoner-sludge grooviness, with noisy interludes. The vocals are almost exclusively high shrieks and might take a while to get used to for some, but I like how the singing contrasts the low-tuned instrumentals - they create a sick, twisted atmosphere, along with the lyrics.

Definitely one of the more unique bands in the genre, obligatory if you like crushingly heavy music. Sadly, they're inactive now and have only released an EP after this album.