Monday, October 17, 2011

One Step Beyond - Beyond Good And Evil (2007)

Now this is some interesting stuff. Nearly impossible to pigeonhole, but one word fits perfectly: experimental.

I've been jamming this album for quite a while but it's hard to really grasp what this weird gem is. Their myspace says they draw influence from a bunch of totally different artists (check 'em, there's too many that I'd like to list here) and that they sound like a mix of Napalm Death and Primus.

It's hard to imagine such an odd amalgam of styles but the blending is executed perfectly. Death-grind with an accented slap bass, different song structures throughout the album, various stuff from crushing technical brutality to gloomy instrumentals to just goofing around, although professionally. The song "The Party" has the most annoying riff I've probably ever heard, it's hilariously awesome. "True Faced" is a real neckbreaker, "Black Light Blue" is a beautiful atmospheric interlude, "Everyday" is probably the catchiest tune you'll hear all day, but the whole album is amazing, every song is distinctly unique.

I doubt you've ever heard anything like this.