Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sanhedrin - And On Into The Eternal Nether...Of Forgotten And Stricken Souls (EP) (2011)

Sanhedrin hails from U.K. and plays a blackened death metal. The band actually just emailed me (they asked for _id but got me) out of the blue asking me to put this up here, providing on what I thought. Truth be told it isn't my genre but I think think this is a perfect example on why you should expand your horizons.

I really dig the riffing (especially on "...Of Forgotten And Stricken Souls") as I think that combined with drums creates some fast paced, crushing tracks. The music continues to be memorable and doesn't over complicate itself as each passage delivers something special whether it be a some sweet riffing, awesome savagely growls or simple but ferocious drumming. They manage to not discriminate listeners by appealing to the those that aren't on the full side of there respective spectrum (black and death metal).

The verdict is good as truth be told I very rarely like any death or black metal but this band meshes the two together which in my opinion cuts off on the annoyance of death metal and the pretentiousness of black metal. A definite 8.5/10.