Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Eternal Breath - From A Tormented Soul EP (2011)

Last Eternal Breath is a Technical Death Metal band from Italy. While this EP/Demo is just four tracks, it is exactly how I love my Tech Death. It is very melodic, and great in every aspect and instrument. The production and mix is spot on, even the bass is audible and used very well. Or scratch that, it is hands down beautiful and I just love it when there is bass like this in tech death. Not to take away anything from the other guys, the songwriting, drums, guitars, vocals, you name it, is really really good. It is not overly progressive, still quite brutal if you will, but it has that melodious songwriting that leaves room for all the instruments to shine.

Last Eternal Breath is right up my sleeve and if you like melodic and progressive tech death, you'll love this too. I hope that these guys will get signed and release a full length asap, who knows what theme they will go for. With what they possess in talent, I am certain that regardless, it will make me a very very happy man.