Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arkona - Slovo (2011)

Arkona (Аркона) is probably one of the best known folk metal bands and they hail for Russia. This is there sixth album and are no strangers to folk metal fans as they embody the Russian folk metal scene with there edgy style. They don't fall into a boring patterns and keep the listener interested with smooth transitions and a bombastic folk sound.

Albeit one of the more consistent bands in terms of material, they have so much experience creating an awesome atmosphere that this this album is no different. It carries a lot of depth and features more of there folksy iconic style. From the beginning, your welcomed with strong intro that features a plethora of folk instrumentals that quickly turns into an intense driving piece of folk metal. "Arkaim" and "Nikogda" are perfect examples this albums power. The first features a symphonic folk composition that carries energy and attitude. The latter being crushing and aggressive whilst have a battle themed flow. The range is impeccable and is a very complete listening experience.

In my opinion Arkona is at it's best when Masha's voice is front and center who is undoubtedly my favourite female metal singer. The engaging folk melodies, sweeping riffs and energy make this album an epic triumph. 8.9/10

  • Quality: 320 kbps MP3 / CBR