Saturday, July 23, 2011

Windfaerer - Tribus (2010)

Windfaerer is a Black Folk Metal act from the US. Their debut has been ringing in my ears for quite some months now, and I'm still listening to it. What Windfaerer has created with their album is something very black and also in-your-face folky at times. The production is crisp and clear, not the muddy old school black style that is often case, especially with rather unknown bands like these. The songs are given their black heritage in the riffage, drums and especially a very strong vocal performance. This kind of vocal is exactly what I like in my black metal. Maybe this is bla(ck)sphemy, but the first time I listened closely to the vocals they reminded me of pre 2000 Dimmu Borgir. And that, to me, is very positive.

Then there is a second layer of melodic folky elements that is prominent to various degrees. This Beautiful Death is simplistic and a tad down toned, but instead the vocals shines in this song. The lyrics are really good too. In contrast, A Gentle Touch Upon Ravaged wounds is blast-beat ridden and fast flowing, with another very strong vocal performance and sweet lyrics. There is little sign of any folkyness until the end of the song, where the last minute is a beautiful, catchy double-bass-violin outro that seamlessly introduces the next song. Furthermore, the final song, The Seafaerer's Legend is very folky in its riffing and structure. Fantastic song and a sweet endnote.

Great album, with a pleasant mix of folk and black metal yet with a clean, and really good production and mixing. Lovely.