Friday, July 15, 2011

KromleK Discography

KromleK is a folk metal band from Bavaria, Germany that formed in 2004. Currently they have released 3 albums and the lyrics incorporate themes of Nordic mythology, nature, and trolls. They work well at incorporating a real blackened and dark crust to there music with bombastic drumming, very technical riffing and majestic keyboarding. There first album, Kveldridhur was released in 2005 and would feature a strong performance from the band as they incorporated a great deal of huumpa that would give it a great folk backdrop especially with dark growls. They kick off the album with a dark epic folkish intro which sets the stage for there sound and really break into awesomeness on "PilzPrinzPolka" which is a polka song that really embodies there huumpa. The bands next album, Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors would in my opinion further improve on the sound and drop some of extreme folksy sound and focus on a more majestical experience. The melodies are in one word, beautiful and the tracks "grim omens and fólkthing" embody absolute trollish awesomeness. Finis Terræ would be there last album to date and take the band in a even darker direction than previous albums. To my chagrin it would drop the eccentric huumpa elements and drive toward a blacker sound. Though still a solid album I enjoyed the previous album more because of the blend of the black folk sound which this album seemed to abandon in my opinion. A very solid band and a great listen. They kind of remind me of Finntroll's darker work, 10/10. \m/

Album Quality:

Kveldridhur (2005) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors (2007) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Finis Terræ (2011) - V2 MP3 / VBR (scene rip)