Tuesday, July 12, 2011

KerecsenSólyom - Aquileia Ostroma (2010)

KerecsenSólyom formed in 2004 and these guys are a welcome addition to the Hungarian folk metal scene. Musically they have a lot of depth especially in folk instrumentals department like fellow country men Dalriada (discography is coming soon). Unlike Dalriada though, they opt for a lot of heavy rasps and growls. Surprisingly this doesn't hinder them as there's a very melodic groove and you can really get into it. The great flow can is contributed by level of musician ship as even the riffing and drumming really move things along. The title track is very enjoyable particularly as their transitions throughout are made with a pretty sweet chanting (kinda reminded me of Månegarm with En Fallen Fader). Debut album is a definite 10/10 as I love the Hungarian vocals.

  • Quality: VO MP3 / VBR