Friday, July 15, 2011

Feastem (2 albums)

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Fear in Concrete (2008)
Quality: ~166 kbps MP3 / VBR v2
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World Delirium (2011)
Quality: ~236 kbps MP3 / VBR v2
Download: Mirrorcreator

Some dude at Obscene Extreme told me I should check these guys out since they were playing, and I did, absolutely clueless of who these guys were. Of course, I had my ass handed over to me during the pure grindcore onslaught, I had no idea why I didn't know this great band prior to the live encounter. When I arrived home, I quickly grabbed their two full-lengths, which I am now posting. It's Finnish grindcore in the oldschool vein, similar to their countrymen Rotten Sound. Raw and frenzied riffage, blasting drums, lyrics dealing with political and social issues as well as getting wasted: it's some proper grind done the right way. Nothing really new, but oh man is it fucking good!