Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dalriada (Echo Of Dalriada) Discography

Dalriada is a Hungarian folk metal band that formed in 1998 under the name Echo Of Dalriada. Under the name Echo Of Dalriada they released two studio albums the first being Fergeteg and the second, Jégbontó. In 2006 they changed there name to Dalriada and has went on to release 4 subsequent albums, Kikelet, Szelek, Arany-Album and Ígéret. There goal from the get go has been to combine traditional Hungarian folk music with metal and they pull it off in every regard. Dalriada remains in my top 5 folk metal bands admittedly because of how well the vocals of Laura Binder and Tadeusz Rieckmann mesh. Unlike other folk metal acts, the harsh vocals only come in after a build up from Laura as her vocals are the front and center. She has great range and gives an enjoyable flow to each song as Dalriada is one of the few bands that I find to be a very complete listening experience. From album to album they have gotten better and became one of the more technically proficient bands in the genre. I would really only call there first LP displeasing as this was partly due to the cumbersome musical arrangements as this was there first album. Though with some albums we ourselves grow with in the respective genre and later come to enjoy what we once disliked. This band has yet to disappoint me as I have enjoyed each of there albums. They are a solid 10/10 and these Hungarian folk metalers need to give us more in 2012.

Quality: Fergeteg (2004) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Jégbontó (2006) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Kikelet (2007) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Szelek (2008) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Arany-Album (2009) - V0 MP3 / VBR
Ígéret (2011) - V0 MP3 / VBR

The Echo Of Dalriada years:

The Dalriada years: