Thursday, June 23, 2011

Redneck Zömbiez - Shed Demo (2011) [BAND SUBMISSION]

I rarely bother with band submissions because most of them suck and I generally don't care, but these guys seemed pretty cool so I said I'd go ahead and post their stuff anyway. Here's their bio:


We are Redneck Zömbiez and we play Gore'n'Roll. We'll record our first album shortly, wich will consist of ten original, gut-grinding tracks of awesomeness (title: Redneck Zömbiez & The Live Porkestra: Farmed & Dangerous), but before that we fucked this shed-demo together. It took us three long hours to record all three songs, and we made our first official video clip in three minutes and twenty-one seconds.
Right after the record we will start doing gigs: as many as our zombie powers can support - and also make a remarkable new video with rising zombies, eaten brains and barrels of beer.
We have a plan for a dead DVD too. Some insider info: it will feature Elvis Presley reincarnated in zombie form, abortion of a supermodel on stage (main tool to perform the operation: chainsaw) and so on in that fashion.
All of our lyrics have deep, sentimental messages (such as drink beer, have intercourse, play freaking loud music) and were all formed by classical poetry and touching emotions.
The biggest influence on our music was made by the following: drinking, sexual harassment, pork and any kind of meat, guts, garlic and onion, sluts wearing push-up bras and high heels and the hatred that we feel towards the pillow biters who drink lemon beer.
We dare to say that apart from the above mentioned our biggest hero is Lemmy. And Toxie of course.
Feel free to contact us if you want to participate in this awesomeness.
The lyrics are included in a .txt file, they're really deep.