Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celtachor - In the Halls of Our Ancient Fathers (2010) [BAND SUBMISSION]

These guys requested a review, and id_ that lazy bastard handed it off to me.
First off, guys at Celtachor, please work on apostrophe usage. It was kinda bad.
Moving on, I get mixed feelings from this demo. A good half of it sounds like been-there-done-that "pagan metal" or folk/black metal. Every now and then I catch something though, and it makes me do an audio double take. Its easy to miss it, especially since the first two tracks are rather boring, but if you're listening for it a few tracks show what I -hope- is this band's potential (hey do you see that correct apostrophe usage?). "In the Halls of Nuada" is a solid track, but things really pick up with the last two on the demo: "The Sons of Tuireann and the Blood Fine" and "The Wavesweeper". "Riders of the Fomor" also has its moments.
If these guys can ditch the generic tracks and do some more of their best work I'll be looking forward to their next release.
For people who like comparisons these guys sound a bit like Waylander. Also this album is free of keyboards I think.