Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inzest - Grotesque New World (2008)

Wormpaste suggested this band to me a really fucking long time ago. And, since I'm an idiot, I discovered it, sitting on my hard drive, just now.

In my opinion, this is the best blend of death metal and hardcore ever. Like, of all time and shit. I usually cling on to Dying Fetus when it comes to the mix mentioned. But, the difference is that these guys really mix DM and HC, while Dying Fetus just has elements of HC. Mostly in their riffs. Now, before I make myself a bit more stupid - the album.

It has really heavy riffs with very few solos. The drums are mostly classic hardcore, but it does have a lot of blast beats too. Vocals are growls, naturally, with occasional pig squeals. Anyway, really good stuff.

Blasting my ear drums, jumping around while throwing stuff and masturbating. Yeah.