Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Devilish Distance - Deathtruction (2010)

Well, this one was an interesting find for me. Once you get past the funny name and the ridiculous album title, you'll find this one to be a really good death metal release.

So... Not much to it, actually. It is a straightforward death metal album. It features the following: amazing riffs; excellent solos; fast and brutal, yet simple, drums; awesome Piotr-like vocals, but more brutal. Oh, there's an awesome Kreator cover as well. Double oh, the cover is pretty awesome too.

There you go, Mother Russia provides.

By the way, this band will also, from now on, be known as the band where id_ and destroy (from almighty Portugal) made out. Don't listen to the album, just hop on down to the comments section and state something you like. Oh, and troll id_, he loves it.
^ you are dead to me